Tech Documents

These are documents you may need throughout the year. You can download them from here and use them as needed. If there is a document I don’t have listed here, let me know and I will add it to the list.


LAUSD Tech Documents

Acceptable Use Policy AUP (Spanish) For LAUSD
Photo Release (English) Photo Release (Spanish) For Students
publicity_release_form For 18 yrs. and older
Internet Quiz (English) Internet Quiz (Spanish) For Students
Tech Plan Goals LAUSD Tech Plan 2009 Software Compliance
Tech Support Fax Form Equipment for salvage Bulletin Downloading Bulletin Directions
Web Policy – BUL 2424 LAUSDnet-Web Design standards Directions to post your website (PC)
BULLETIN C66-Donation of Equipment Donation Form Grant Resources


Computer Skills by Grade Level Experiences by Grade Technology Expectations by Grade

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